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Microsoft Partners: Time for Skype for Business…Now Automate It

Many people have been using Lync, perhaps for years, in their organization. This solution has allowed companies to truly instill unified communications within their structure, and the application itself has gone through many iterations (some would say ups and downs) before becoming a truly enterprise solution. Today that is even more true as we witness the move from Lync to “Skype for Business”. There is little doubt that this is a huge priority for Microsoft and next week’s Ignite conference will only ramp up the hype (just check out the agenda).

So, while businesses of all sizes understand the critical nature of collaboration solutions and are moving quickly to Skype for Business it comes with a big cost for Microsoft partners. Traditional deployment means hundreds of hours of engineering time, not to mention the fear from customers of “cloud provider lock”. These were pain points that were familiar to myself and the entire Arganteal team, and it was why a little more than a year ago we formed this company.

And today we actually get to officially talk about what we are providing the world as we emerge out of stealth…and it’s simple:

Arganteal automates the deployment of Skype for Business

That’s it…oh, and during our time in stealth we’ve actually proven out the solution and showed it can reduce 60% of typical deployment time and any fear of locking the business into one specific cloud provider.

Today we released our unique SaaS technology that intelligently packages up businesses goals and rules for Skype for Business into a virtualized deployment compiler. Arganteal intelligently automates the rapid deployment of Skype for business with a deployment automation compiler that transforms business goals for the Skype application into a virtualized deployment design and then into detailed implementation code for all the ISO layers. This can be done for all variations of Skype for Business from dedicated desktop collaboration with embedded voice or complete traditional PBX replacement.

You can see how it works below, and we are now focused on growing our partner channel to help Microsoft partners with their Skype for Business deployments. We have already worked with several partners to prove out our solution, and have learned how working with Arganteal these partners can deploy Skype for Business and be assured of cost-efficiency, application optimization, and a promise that they won’t be locked into one cloud vendor.

We are looking for partners like you who want the same thing and can’t wait to hear from you. Join us today!

Skype for Business Deployment Demo

Watch how Arganteal makes your Skype for Business deployment easier, faster, and more profitable. Then, sign up to see it work for you:

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