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  • Where Is The Microsoft Deployment Innovation? May 14, 2015
    Remember when you and your team spent weeks or months deploying hardware upgrades or enterprise applications like Skype Enterprise Voice? Who didn’t enjoy the countless hours spent during the days, nights, and even weekends in front of their screen or KVM? Can my sarcasm be any stronger? The engineers out there who have done this […]
    James Irish
  • Microsoft Partners: Time for Skype for Business…Now Automate It April 28, 2015
    Many people have been using Lync, perhaps for years, in their organization. This solution has allowed companies to truly instill unified communications within their structure, and the application itself has gone through many iterations (some would say ups and downs) before becoming a truly enterprise solution. Today that is even more true as we witness […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Decreasing Present and Future UC Deployment Costs April 23, 2015
    Much of the talk lately has been focused around the ‘new’ Skype for Business, and that is to be expected. But a side conversation has started inspired by Robin Gareiss’ article, “Evaluating Cloud UC Costs”. This is an important topic and, if we can, begin to nail down how to measure the overall costs we […]
    Steve Kelley
  • How does Lync support external communications? February 16, 2015
    Skype has long been a favorite way for people around the world to have conversations with their family and friends.  Over the last ten years Microsoft has been unifying and integrating the various tools that business enterprises use for internal communications.  In November 2014 Microsoft announced that Skype is being merged with Lync and the […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Verizon changes course, focuses on private cloud service February 16, 2015
    The turmoil continues over which vendors will provide public cloud, private cloud or hybrid solutions – and even when it seems a path is set – things change.  Analysts continue to warn that companies should remain flexible and not lock-in to a cloud vendor until and unless they have done a LOT of homework on […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Smoothing over a cloud provider breakup for a critical application September 3, 2014
    Blogging in, Senior Technology Editor Stephen J. Bigelow points out that “Even when a mission-critical workload is successfully migrated to a well-suited public cloud provider, there is no guarantee the relationship between you and a cloud provider will be permanent.”  He continues to point out the many reasons that might precipitate the immediate need […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Decide the best approach to migrate to O365 September 1, 2014
      The following article by Exchange MVP Steve Goodman discusses how complex Active Directory environments fit in with Office 365.  While some easy migrations are still taking place, Office 365 is now being adopted by an increasing number of organizations with multi-forest AD and Exchange environments.  Arganteal’s SaaS automates much of this deployment process, often […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Startups find the public cloud value sweet spot June 26, 2014
    Startup companies often find public clouds ideal for running the applications key to their business.  While technology-based startups are often the fastest to adopt public clouds, they may grow so rapidly they are looking for hybrid or private cloud solutions sooner than slow growth companies.  All young companies need to avoid lock-in so they can […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Cloud portability success means packing your own chute April 17, 2014
    As the article below states, migrating applications from one cloud provider to another is becoming a necessity.  It’s not a matter of if you will need to migrate, but when.  Arganteal provides products and services to greatly reduce the time, cost and risk of migrating applications.  We provide a parasail so you’re not left on […]
    Steve Kelley
  • Back of Napkin Assessment April 14, 2014
    Sometimes a quick “Back of Napkin Assessment” helps to clarify the really important issues to focus on when making cloud deployment decisions.  Marten Hauville summarizes these in a section of his Enterprise Cloud blog.  Just think how desirable it would be for your enterprise to be able to choose any one of these alternatives and […]
    Steve Kelley

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