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Buy One Get One Free Lync Server Deployment

Arganteal® is a Partner-focused company.  Our objective is to provide tools and services to Microsoft technology deployment partners who work directly with end customers to deploy applications and migrate their data to a virtual computing platform – whether it be Private, Public or Hybrid.  Our patented technology is uniquely able to make application deployment projects more scalable, predictable and profitable.  While the Arganteal technology can be applied to any application deployment, we are currently focusing our resources on the deployment of Microsoft Lync.

Here’s the details of our Buy One Get One Free deployment offer:

Offer is available to end customers (we’ll refer you to one of our partners) & Microsoft Partners deploying in the next 45 days
We will automate the deployment of all servers needed for your Lync installation
For each server deployment purchased, you get a second one free
You provide the design specification and user data and we do the rest (for end customers, our partners will help you with this)

Benefits To You:

Implement & configure Microsoft Lync in 70% less time it would take a team of Engineers to complete
Unattended deployment automation gives your engineers hours if not days per deployment to continue designing
Deploy with predictability and reliability thereby eliminating human errors

Ready to schedule a deployment or demo?

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