Arganteal Automates

Arganteal Automates Deployment and Configuration of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on Platforms from OpenStack to Azure

Case Example

A Case Example: Arganteal™ applied to Microsoft Lync® deployments

Arganteal is a deployment automation compiler that transforms your business goals for any desired application into a virtualized deployment design and then into the detailed implementation code for all the ISO layers.

Consider the Enterprise interest in collaboration applications like Microsoft Lync. To deploy this popular application on an IaaS provider or a private cloud, an IT shop will need the services of several kinds of subject matter experts.  They will need one for the cloud they choose, one for the required servers and operating systems, others for Microsoft Lync and its interoperability with Microsoft Office, yet another for federation with other IP Telephony applications and finally one for the Active Directory and authentication issues.  Even large Enterprises struggle to find and keep these kinds of experts. Typically Microsoft MCSE engineers don’t even have all these Microsoft related skills.

Arganteal’s deployment automation compiler accesses codified libraries including tested deployment rules for all of these required technology layers.  In the design tool, it compares and applies the interrelated design requirements from the design libraries to compile and what-if a Microsoft Lync deployment plan.  Then, with the tradeoffs decided, it draws on tested deployment execution libraries to further compile all of the deployment commands.  These commands provide the complete game plan for deploying all of the layers required on disparate platforms in the right order. Using the Arganteal automated library approach, Arganteal will draw upon the industry’s subject matter experts to expand and maintain the most appropriate Enterprise Application Specification Library.

Arganteal knows of no other tool set that can perform these tasks for Microsoft Lync.

Other industry configuration tools focus only on subsets of the total deployment problem. For instance there are specific tools for configuring server instance from an IaaS provider into a production server ready for application provisioning.  Arganteal compiles the deployment process for creating the server, configuring it for production and deploying the application and its user community. It retains the current deployed design in a compiled form that allows it to be easily updated and redeployed when business constraints change.

In the future, Arganteal’s automated library approach can be applied to most any needed enterprise application.  Arganteal will continue to draw upon the industry’s subject matter experts to expand and maintain a broader and broader library of design and implementation specification. Whether it is on IaaS, PaaS, CaaS or SaaS, a typical 3 to 6 month application deployment project can be reduced to one or two weeks of utilizing Arganteal’s tools.