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Deployment of O365 and Lync

Market Opportunity

IT executives have long supported the Microsoft Office suite of products for their user community and they are currently evaluating whether they should continue to follow Microsoft’s technology evolution into the future.  Not all IT executives understand the advantages of adopting the Microsoft Office 365 technology and many of those who see the advantages are held back by concern about the time and cost of moving to the next phase.  VAR’s, MSP’s, integrators and consultants focused on the Office 365 market have a significant opportunity right now to help these companies by providing a clear roadmap to the rapid, economical implementation of Office 365, Lync and Exchange.  Arganteal automates the deployment of O365 and Lync for Microsoft E3 and E4 collaboration.

Arganteal® as a Sales and Profit Accelerator

Arganteal intelligently automates the rapid deployment of collaboration applications in virtualized environments.  We are seeking partners who will use our patented technology to assist their end customers in adopting Office 365.  We have proven that using our technology can reduce the labor to deploy and migrate to Office 365 E3 by 60 – 70%.  Even greater savings are achieved in the subsequent phase for those companies who move forward to full enterprise collaboration with Office 365 E4.

Microsoft Office 365 and Lync

The functionality delivered by the Office 365 Suite is summarized in the following table:

New O365 Table for web


Implementation Steps: Office 365 Standard (E3)

O365 Lync 2

Implementation Steps: Office 365 Enterprise (E4)

O365 Lync 3

Why Should You Partner with Arganteal?

  • No other tool set or service can perform full deployments for Microsoft Office 365 and Lync E3/E4
  • Arganteal is a SaaS (Cloud Service) so you don’t have to purchase software, hardware, train your engineers or pay for ongoing service after the implementation.


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