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Despite the continuous progress in automation and user-friendly tools, the essential task of deploying and maintaining applications and technology stacks remains reliant on scripts. The conventional methods of using scripts for these purposes have proven to be arduous and time-consuming. Companies frequently find themselves stuck in a perpetual cycle of script rewrites, hindering the reuse of existing solutions and the preservation of valuable intellectual property (IP). Enter the Arganteal Tool Suite, a collection of tools designed to standardize processes, reduce deployment hours, and safeguard script assets.

The Scripting Predicament

The deployment and upkeep of major technologies like Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, Palo Alto, F5, etc., heavily rely on scripts. These scripts are repeatedly recreated from scratch, consuming significant resources and time. They are not readily reusable and often demand manual adjustments due to the numerous variables involved.

Typically, these scripts entail manual management of approximately ten APIs per technology stack. Scripting languages such as Python, Ansible, PowerShell, Bash, Perl, and Terraform are commonly employed, each with its own syntax and intricacies. This diversity further complicates the already challenging task of script management. Arganteal’s Tool Suite makes it possible to capture and standardize these hidden script IPs, making them easily accessible and reusable.

Overview of the Arganteal Tool Suite

The Arganteal Solution Suite comprises two essential components:

1. Automated Script Capture & Organizational Tool (ASCOT)

2. Adaptive Deployment Tool (ADepT)

ASCOT: Revealing Hidden Script Assets

ASCOT represents the initial stride in revolutionizing script management within an organization. It functions as a discovery tool, identifying and capturing scripts owned by the organization. These scripts are then consolidated, organized, and analyzed to provide critical details, including the platform (, the type of operating system, programming language, and function.

By centralizing script management and offering comprehensive insights into existing scripts, ASCOT eliminates the need to start from scratch, enabling organizations to harness their valuable script IPs effectively.

ADepT: Standardizing and Automating Deployments

ADepT, the Adaptive Deployment Tool, is a low-code solution tailored to automate common deployment tasks using reusable scripts. It simplifies the process of crafting workflows and reusing scripts for standardized tasks.

With ADepT, organizations can construct workflows for their most prevalent tasks and automate script deployment. The capability for variable substitution enables dynamic resource targeting, such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, and credentials. This automation significantly curtails manual efforts and saves substantial time during deployments.

ADepT Use Case: Deploying Docker Containers on Azure

Let’s delve into a real-world use case to exemplify the substantial benefits of utilizing ADepT for deploying twelve Docker containers on Azure.

Traditionally, two primary methods are employed for deploying Docker containers on Azure:

1. Manual deployment through the Azure console.

2. Utilization of independent scripts, such as those scripted in Python.

Both approaches entail around nine steps to complete:

1. Create VPC

2. Create ElasticIP

3. Create DNS

4. Create Subnet

5. Create Internet Gateway

6. Create Routing Table

7. Create Security Group

8. Create KeyPair

9. Create EC2 Instance

The manual procedure can consume anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes per deployment, or up to 1.5 to 3 hours for deploying ten Docker containers.

With Arganteal’s automation, deploying twelve Docker containers on Azure becomes a matter of minutes. By leveraging a standardized library and predefined workflows, and then substituting variables for dynamic targets, a single consolidated script is executed against Azure, effectively automating the entire process.


The challenges tied to deploying and managing applications and technology stacks with scripts are undeniable. The constant need to rewrite scripts from scratch, the complexity of handling multiple scripting languages and/or technologies, and the absence of script reusability have plagued organizations for years.

The Arganteal Tool Suite, comprising ASCOT and ADepT, offers a transformative solution. By capturing and standardizing scripts, automating deployments, and promoting innovation, it streamlines processes and unlocks script assets’ potential. It’s time to simplify your deployment journey with Arganteal.

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