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Arganteal Automates

Arganteal Automates Deployment and Configuration of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on Platforms from OpenStack to Azure

Replace 8 engineering hours with 1 of automation

Complex deployments can cost companies hundreds of engineering hours. Arganteal dramatically reduces this cost and time constraint with a first-to-market SaaS offering that enables rapid deployment of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on any Platform in any Language.

  • Our patented technology is uniquely able to make deployments more scalable, predictable and profitable. Learn more about our value.
  • The Arganteal solution is used by leading Microsoft channel partners. See examples.
  • Our team can intelligently automate rapid deployment on public or private environments. See how we do it.
  • Together let’s change any scripts you have into libraries you can compile for all the technology layers you need. Contact us.


Technologies Arganteal Can Deploy
  • AWS, Azure, Softlayer, Hyper-V, VMware, OpenStack KVM, Rackspace, Hadoop …..
  • Windows, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Linux
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos …..
  • Sequel, SAP, Active Directory, Skype for Business …..
  • MicroServices
Deployment Technologies Arganteal Can Utilize
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Heat