Arganteal Automates

Arganteal Automates Deployment and Configuration of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on Platforms from OpenStack to Azure


The founders of Arganteal are veterans of large-scale enterprise communication and virtual computing companies.  We have first-hand experience with planning, building, and evolving integrated multi-vendor computing systems and realize how and why current cloud-based environments can fall short of the expectations. Contact us now to talk about using Arganteal for your Skype for Business deployment projects.


Steve Kelley | President and CEO

steve_kelleySteve founded NetSolve, Inc. which went public in 1999 and was intimately involved in its eventual acquisition by Cisco Systems in 2004.  As NetSolve’s first CEO, Steve defined its initial Managed Service Provider (MSP) strategy and raised significant venture capital for the company. Prior to founding Arganteal, Steve was responsible for the enterprise sales strategy and establishing new product lines at BreakingPoint Systems. Prior to that, he proposed and coordinated the introduction of virtualized versions of ShoreGroup products to support a multi-instance services architecture which is now broadly in use at Cisco.

Steve started his career at Motorola Semiconductor, where he launched Motorola’s worldwide telecom effort and identified voice digitizing as a high volume semiconductor opportunity.  Steve holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  He was also named Dan Noble Technical Fellow at Motorola in 1984.

Russell Sellers | CTO

russell_sellersWith first-hand experience in planning, building, and evolving integrated multi-vendor computing systems, Russell is the inventor of Arganteal’s deployment automation compiler.  He began working with the other founders at NetSolve and Cisco. In his roles there, he gained firsthand experience with the complex cloud deployment problems the industry now faces. Russell now leads a small team of developers that are evolving the first release of Arganteal’s deployment tools into the full vision he has outlined.

Previously, Russell worked for NASA, DOD, and Waste Management. At NASA, his team was able to design and deploy compilers and artificial intelligence into the network operation centers that supported the Mission Control Center and Space Lift Range Safety.  After leaving Cisco, he decided to apply his NASA experience to the cloud deployment problem. He filed the first Arganteal patents in early 2013.