Script Automation
at a Glance

Enterprises and their consultants invest significant expert hours manually deploying applications across various environments, as each deployment scenario presents unique challenges. Arganteal offers a patented SaaS technology that automates these deployments through reusable workflows.

ADePT’s reusable workflows significantly reduce the time required for successive deployments, maximizing your experts’ knowledge. With this workflow tool, you can replace 8 hours of deployment engineering with just 1 hour of automation.

The Platform to Standardize Your Process

Build Many Different Cases from One Set of Libraries

Existing scripts are parsed into libraries in which the commands are separated from (but linked to) the original variables. You can then substitute new variables.

Deploy Both Infrastructure and Applications

All the parameters are available in the libraries to deploy any application to any target environment.

Delete a Build and Re-Deploy on Different Targets

Create a deployment to one target and then easily destroy that deployment and create a new deployment on a different target.

Start with the Scripts you Already Have

Arganteal ADepT parses existing scripts, regardless of language used, into a library with commands and variables separated. You can mix and match scripts and script languages.

Deploys on Both AWS and Azure

Arganteal makes it easy to move applications between different computing platforms.

SMEs Perfect Libraries for Team Re-use

Your top SME’s can use Arganteal’s platform to analyze and enhance deployment scripts then hand those over to others for implementation.

Harnessing the Power of Automation: Create Customizable Workflows from Existing Scripts

Arganteal’s ADepT suite allows you to capture, compile, merge, and automate the scripts you’re already using. With custom created workflows you can re-use scripts that already work and easily catalog and modify other scripts to adapt to a new requirement.
Cloud platform agnostic purple icon

Cloud Platform Agnostic

From Azure to VMWare, Arganteal works with all the most popular cloud platforms.

Script language purple icon

Scripting language Agnostic

Our software suite integrates with all the most popular scripting languages.

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Storage Agnostic

Whether in the cloud or on premises, our tools improve your DevSecOps process.

Staff Augmentation Purple Icon

Dynamic Compilation

Arganteal’s patented compiler creates an executable customized to your target environment.

Programming library purple icon

Individual Libraries

Intermediate libraries store your original information and derivatives of that based on new design parameters provided to Argenteal.

Purple cloud icon - Reusable syntax

Reusable Syntax

By substituting target platform specifications into source library syntax we derive reusable syntax for our compiler.

Arganteal can bridge the gap between legacy processes and modern techniques and lower the barrier to entry of adopting new technologies.


Arganteal is Not Another Scripting Language

With three patents issued or granted, our technology lets you compile the scripting languages you already use for re-use, so there’s no need to learn a whole new language.

Supported Scripting Languages

Java 8
Python 3
Java 9
Python 2
Config Files
Data Sets

Empower Your Team

Arganteal’s tools capture tribal knowledge and prevent human error, your team is freed from managerial oversight and timely mistakes.

Capture “Tribal Knowledge”

Your subject matter experts learn from each other and from each project they perform. But they seldom document this knowledge before moving to the next assignment. Arganteal captures their work for later review and re-use.

Clarify Labor Divides

Arganteal facilitates division of labor based on knowledge and experience. Let your top experts review and refine your libraries so others can deploy using them.

Surpass Metric Goals

You must move new code into operation quickly and accurately to meet strict business requirements and security goals. Arganteal assures goal achievement.

Save Millions of Hours

Application deployments are continuous and labor-intensive and largely repetitive. Save millions of hours (and dollars) by substituting automated tasks for many of those now done by SME’s.