Our patented automation solution supports DevOps continuing operations by using reusable Libraries, machine learning and simplified Workflows. Our suite of tools allows you to rapidly change your server and application stacks by using automated deployment script compilations.  These subject matter expert (SMEs) perfected Libraries allow others to utilize them using abstracted Workflows which speeds deployments and eliminates tribal knowledge issues and human error. 

Arganteal began in 2013 with three founders based in Austin, Texas. One of our founders had experienced the manual and un-automated nature of deploying large stacks of software and had a vision for an automated solution for deployment scripting. This vision became the Arganteal founding principle.  The basic capability was built and patented in 2015. In several real-world situations, it demonstrated the ability to reduce deployment time by 90% and provide a means to rebuild software stacks easily.  The next step was to create a set of tools that would make it easy for any trained engineer to use the patented compiler. With funding acquired at the first USAF New York City Pitch Day in 2019 we pursued the development of these tools and starting in 2020 we developed the Ease-of-Use tools that led to the first public release evidenced on this site. 

At Arganteal we believe this is just the beginning. Today the Script Capture Tool and Workflow Tool combined with the compiler can significantly improve the deployment process. Tomorrow we believe we can even further automate the workflow tool with Target Server discovery tools.  We look forward to expanding our vision of automation and saving companies time and money on the more than 100 million hours spent scripting every year.


Steve Kelley


Was a Dan Noble Fellow at Motorola and founded NetSolve.

Russell Sellers

Inventor and CTO

Started with NASA and later joined Steve and NetSolve.

Scott Stevens


20 years in finance and sales at Cisco, BreakingPoint, Ixia and Keysight Technologies

Key Team Leaders

Mark Collins

From Dell and Flextronics CTO office and also founded a medical company named Piesi. Now the Arganteal lead developer and inventor. Holds numerous patents.

James Irish

Leads Arganteal’s Professional Services team delivering IT solutions and automated deployments to our partners including World Wide Technologies, LaSalle, Polyverse and Intelligent Waves.

Jason McDaniel

Has over 9 years of software development experience with a fortune 500 company background and prior parser and compiler focus. He is an excellent communicator and is detail oriented with a desire for accuracy.

Justin Johnson

Justin’s expertise is in Identity Management, Business Process Automation, and Cloud Migrations. Justin has been an IT Consultant for 21 years and he has expert certifications in Microsoft O365, Intune, Active Directory, Exchange, Cloud App Security, Microsoft SCCM & SCOM, Quest Migration Manager, VMware, PKI, MFA, VDI, and PowerShell.