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Lightning-Fast Deployment

Agile development demands faster and more streamlined DevOps. Synthesize and automate your DevOps orchestration for lightning-fast deployment to meet the speed of your Agile development sprints.


Glue Together the Scripts You Already Have

Integrate and automate the tools you already use with Arganteal’s framework.

How It Works

Works with Any Scripting Language and Any Cloud Platform

Arganteal works for both applications and infrastructures, gluing together all the technologies you use into a single framework.

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Save Thousands of
Engineering Hours


Tests have shown that automating with Arganteal can save you up to 90% on time to deploy.

Based on 3 client projects. Results showed 90-96% improvement on time to deploy.

“This is something new. It is well-positioned to work with all the incumbents. Starting with the scripts you already have will resonate. Everyone else is talking about starting over.”

Gartner Group Analyst