A leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) faced roadblocks in automating their cloud deployments with Azure due to a fragmented approach using multiple scripts and languages.Standardizing and automating the deployment and maintenance of Azure cloud environments was a significant challenge for the team. The myriad of scripts and languages led to a disjointed process when implementing and updating clients’ cloud infrastructures. Process drift occurred as each engineer solved the same problems in different ways. MSP leadership realized that time was being wasted and knowledge was not effectively shared, especially as the team began using Microsoft’s Bicep language to automate Azure workflows. To standardize processes and facilitate knowledge sharing during the transition to Bicep, the MSP needed a solution.

Our Solution

Arganteal’s Adaptive Deployment Tool (ADepT) provided this solution by helping the cloud team identify key scripts and create reusable libraries and workflows. This eliminated the need to rewrite scripts for every deployment.

Their first task was to set up a secure Azure environment for a mid-sized client. The ADepT platform, compatible with Microsoft Bicep, made variable substitutions more efficient. Standardized templates, created by the team’s Bicep expert, allowed others to use them without deep Bicep knowledge.

These standardized templates laid the foundation for a comprehensive automation strategy, promoting knowledge sharing and streamlining their cloud deployments. This approach accelerated the team’s adoption of Bicep and significantly boosted overall efficiency.

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced Deployment Time: Standardized workflows and enabled faster deployment of Azure environments reducing deployment time and client onboarding costs.
  • Enhanced Team Productivity and Knowledge Sharing: ADept’s standardized automation reduced time spent on repetitive scripting and made it easier to adopt Bicep through reusable templates.
  • Consistency and Compliance: Standardization minimized process drift, ensuring consistent deployments and making it easier to meet customer requirements.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The reusable libraries offered a scalable way to expand Azure deployments, allowing for easy adaptation to growing client needs without compromising quality or consistency.

A leading MSP needed to standardize and streamline their fragmented Azure deployment processes and improve knowledge sharing as they transitioned to Microsoft's Bicep language.

Project Type

Cloud Infrastructure Management


ADept's standardized workflows accelerated Azure deployments, reduced onboarding costs, boosted productivity, ensured compliance, and provided scalable solutions for client expansion.

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