The ML Advantage

DevOps teams produce thousands of scripts a year but there is no solution to track and organize these scripts as they are created. As a result, scripts get lost, and engineers end up doing the same work over and over again.

Arganteal’s ML discovery process lets you start leveraging the full knowledge of your team, past and present. Our Machine Learning engine discovers, classifies, and categorizes your team’s scripts so you can create a library that is easily searchable and shareable.  Start reusing your own tested scripts and eliminate unnecessary rework.

Starting with the scripts you already have will resonate. Everyone else is talking about starting over.


Our ML

  • Parse Languages
  • Extract tokens
  • Classify
  • Organize
  • Compute relationships
  • Apply Tags
  • Aggregate the database

Script Organization Starts with ML Classification

Find the Script You Need

ML discovery with categorization and classification gives you a searchable database of all your scripts.

Automated Tagging

Tags allow our ML tools to build relationships between all of your scripts so you can quickly locate your most unique scripts.

Retain Nuances Of Orchestrations

ADepT lets you retain the nuances of your previous orchestrations so you can start with what works instead of starting over.

Reduce Redundancies

Identify the scripts you use the most and get rid of what you no longer need.