DevOps teams can generate thousands of scripts annually, but often face challenges in tracking and organizing them. This can lead to script loss and redundant work.

Arganteal’s Discovery process harnesses your team’s collective knowledge. It conducts a thorough analysis of your organization’s scripts, discovering, categorizing, and organizing them for effortless access and sharing. This empowers you to create searchable libraries in any language, streamlining the reuse of proven scripts and minimizing r

Starting with the scripts you already have will resonate. Everyone else is talking about starting over.



  • Parse Languages
  • Extract tokens
  • Classify
  • Organize
  • Compute relationships
  • Apply Tags
  • Aggregate the database

Simplify Script Organization

Find the Script You Need

Automated discovery with categorization and classification gives you a searchable database of all your scripts.

Perserve Deployment Nuances

ADepT lets you retain the nuances of your previous deployments so you can start with what works instead of starting over.

Automated Tagging

Tags enable Arganteal to establish connections among your scripts, facilitating swift access to the most unique ones.

Reduce Redundancies

Identify the scripts you use the most and get rid of what you no longer need.