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Arganteal Automates

Arganteal Automates Deployment and Configuration of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on Platforms from OpenStack to Azure

Free Trial

Here are the steps to test drive our technology:

  1. You convert some commands into a script, or write a new script for a task you expect to repeat.
  2. Identify the variables in that script that would make it reusable.  Send us the list and the script.
  3. Arganteal will assign dependencies to your script so that it can be sequenced with other scripts.
  4. The next time you want to do that task, you can use the Arganteal compiler for free.
  5. The Arganteal compiler will generate the specific execution script for you.

Once you’ve mastered this process we can help you build reusable designs for more complex projects.

The compiler can generate workflows which utilize the entire library of scripts.

Contact us to schedule your free trial or to get more information.