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Arganteal Automates

Arganteal Automates Deployment and Configuration of Networks, Infrastructure and Applications on Platforms from OpenStack to Azure

Our Focus

Executive Summary

Arganteal® software automates the rapid deployment and configuration of networks, infrastructure, and applications in legacy or virtualized environments.

Every day one hour of automation can replace eight hours of subject matter expert time.

Enterprises and their consultants spend countless hours of expert time manually deploying, configuring, redeploying, upgrading and patching application stacks. Every stack has process and workflow detail that makes it unique.  Arganteal technology allows standard workflows to be compiled with detail and customization unique to the stack such that the entire process can be automated.

Companies like Chef and Ansible have invested tens of millions on workflow capture and reuse. None have automated deployment script generation for the full application stack. Arganteal has two recently issued patents on this capability.

Arganteal can address a $10 billion software stack deployment and support market by automating a class of engineering that remains expensive because it cannot be exported to offshore developers.  It initially focused on the deployment and configuration of certain Microsoft applications and now has several successful case studies.

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Today, deployment and upkeep of these complex software stacks in enterprise settings requires subject matter experts for the computer platform, the hypervisor, the hardened server and operating system, and the application suites. Arganteal can compile and generate command line scripts for deploying or upgrading all of these stack layers individually or together.