Arganteal is Not Another Scripting Language

With three patents issued or granted, our technology lets you compile the scripting languages you already use for re-use, so there’s no need to learn a whole new language.

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The Glue That Holds Your Tools Together

Use Terrafrom, Python, Puppet, and Ansible in one workflow with the help of variable substitution that supports automating everything.

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Works on Any Layer of the Stack

Any API, any scripting language, any stack layer— from AWS to Azure, Vmware to Hyper V.

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The Framework to Standardize Your Process

With the ability to establish and catalog libraries for each stack layer and target platform, Arganteal keeps the source and target data secure and separate.

Arganteal provides a platform for a real CI/CD process.

  • Evolve toward expert perfected Library scripts.
  • Stored libraries and data lists save the perfected results
  • Specific new workflows can be composed by less experienced engineers.
  • Libraries can capture process details and prevent knowledge loss from personnel turnover and geography.

Synchronize Your Dev Tools with Lightning Speed

The Script Capture Tool allows all the legacy tools to be combined.

  • Your engineers upload scripts they already have.
  • Puppet, Python, and Ansible scripts can all be used together.
  • Your engineers use the languages they already know.
  • Much less baton passing.
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Uploading original script in Arganteal tool

“Libratization” separates environment data from script commands.

  • Environmental data is replaced with templated variables.
  • This makes scripts reusable.
  • Can support classified to unclassified collaboration.
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The Compiler process merges target design parameters into a unique design execution.

  • Output of the compiler, shown at left, is a unique execution for a unique target.
  • The resulting design execution can be ported away and used separately.
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Arganteal can bridge the gap between legacy processes and modern techniques and lower the barrier to entry of adopting new technologies.


The Platform to Standardize Your Process

Build Many Different Cases from One Set of Libraries

Existing scripts are parsed into libraries in which the commands are separated from (but linked to) the original variables. You can then substitute new variables.

Deploys Both Infrastructure and Applications

All the parameters are available in the libraries to deploy any application to any target environment.

Delete a Build and Re-Deploy on Different Targets

Create a deployment to one target and then easily destroy that deployment and create a new deployment on a different target.

Start with the Scripts you Already Have

Arganteal’s Script Capture Tool parses existing scripts, regardless of language used into a library with commands and variables separated. You can mix and match scripts and script languages.

Deploys on Both AWS and Azure

Arganteal makes it easy to move applications between different computing platforms.

SMEs Perfect Libraries for Team Re-use

Your top SME’s can use Arganteal’s platform to analyze and enhance deployment scripts then hand those over to others for implementation.